About Me

About Me me: 56, Pagan, Englishwoman living in Wales
my family: Husband, daughter, 1 cat and 2 hens.
my work: I don't work.
my favourite ...
song: "Someone to watch over me", especially when sung by my favourite singer, Ella Fitzgerald.
movie: "Brief Encounter" -- that's the black and white version with the steam trains and unrequited love.
book: "Vermilion Sands" by JG Ballard
tv show: "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.".
food: Food. Oh okay, chocolate, strawberries and salad. Not all at once!
my heroes: Lady Charlotte Guest: a Victorian Englishwoman who lived in Wales and translated the "Mabinogion" while indulging in a little archaeology, bringing up her family, running her late husband's iron works, helping the poor of Merthyr Tydfil, and learning several languages. A busy woman!
how I spend my free time: On the 'net, building websites and making graphics.
someday I would like to: Finish writing a novel.
where you can find me oneline: AncientWorlds, IcanhasCheeseburger and various website/domain forums.
my favorite quote: "Man is a dream of the dolphin" -- Enigma