Monday June 12 2017 I had to move the site to another host, so I'm cleaning it up and converting it all to php so that I can use Enthusiast3 to organise my joined fanlistings.

Sunday February 14 2016 Happy Valentine's Day! Showing a little love for this site. I've moved to a new host, and I've added more fanlistings.

Thursday April 30 2015 I decided to reopen an old site as a place to house my webrings. So I've moved all my rings from here to Fanatique.co.uk.

Tuesday April 28 2015 Yet more springcleaning! I can't believe I've neglected this site for so long. I am having to remake some of my webrings as the alt-webrings site, where they were run, has gone. I will probably move them to webringo or possibly bravenet.

Thursday April 18 2013 'Tis the season to be springcleaning! I've started adding webrings to my site. I have a couple in other places, but from now on, I'll put them in here.

Friday April 6 2012 I've got several fanlsitings here now; one object, one hobby and two numberlistings. Plus others at other domains. Now I'm redoing the look of the site and then I'll get on with actualy joining fanlistings!

Monday November 14 2011 SoupDragon is just beginning! I've got the main pages up. Now to head off and apply for a fanslisting or two!